Health & Lifestyle Consultations


Ayurveda is an ancient science & healing system that emphasizes the vitality and well-being of each individual, which can be achieved through balanced lifestyle choices. This holistic system addresses the root of disease, rather than just alleviate symptoms, by incorporating the use of herbs, oils, essences, diet, meditation, yoga, and bodywork.

Its 5,000+ year old principles offer deep reaching solutions to present day health concerns and is becoming highly sought after in the west. The teachings of Ayurveda explain simple yet profound ways of regaining or maintaining excellent health, which is based on the unique constitution that each of us is born with — a predominance of one of the three doshas – Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

The Three Doshas are created from the combination of the Five Elements — Ether, Air, Fire, Water & Earth — when they combine together they create the manifest world. The specific combination of these elements gives us our spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and psychological nature – our true constitution is called Prakruti.

For good health we must strive to keep ourselves balanced in ways that are appropriate for each of us as individuals. The purpose of a consultation is to determine which imbalances are present and manifesting as discomfort, disorders, or disease. The time we spend together in the first consult includes the gathering of lifestyle information about diet, sleep, exercise, digestion, elimination along with pulse & tongue diagnoses. All of this information reveals important insight about what is happening deep within the physiology, and it is a qualitative guide in determining the direction for an individualized program.

Receiving therapeutic bodywork is a very important piece on the path to healing and considered a necessary component within the Ayurvedic Medical System. The use of doshic-specific oils, herbs, aromas, and strokes are chosen for your unique constitution.