Stone Massage Therapy is a wonderfully therapeutic treatment, using smooth warmed basalt stones that are placed on the client’s body to specifically target nerve enervation coming from the spinal cord as well as the nerve ending of both hands and feet. These placements alone create an instant effect of relaxation for the client.

Warmed and cooled stones are used in conjunction with the hands of the therapist to give the massage. This warms the muscles which are often tight with tension and allows the receiver to energetically relax into the work. When the tissue opens like this it benefits both the client and therapist.

Hot Stone Massage is an extremely effective form of bodywork and takes less of a toll on the therapist because the heated stones contribute so much during the session. The warmth and weight of the stones helps to administer deep tissue work without the strain on the thumbs, arms, shoulders, and back that can accompany repetitive movements used to do massage therapy.

Metamorphic and Igneous stones are used due to their high ore content which conducts heat. The retained heat from the stones helps to create a dilation and contraction of the circulatory system, which in turn helps to detoxify the body and tone the skin.

The heat also stimulates the nerve impulses on the skin’s surface which reflect into the body where they are instrumental in: stimulating the immune system, influencing the production of hormones that decrease stress and pain sensitivity, invigorating the circulation and digestion, encouraging blood flow, and one of the most noticeable effects is the sedating of the nervous system which induces deep relaxation.

Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Relaxes chronic tension & brings relief to sore, aching muscles

  • Sedates the nervous system allowing the client deeper states of relaxation

  • Increases joint mobility & range of motion

  • Rejuvenates the skin & the spirit

  • Warms the body & the soul