Bliss Indeed!
I wanted to begin the new year with a deeply detoxifying, nourishing bodywork ritual. I could not have done better than the Bliss Therapies- Massage, Steam & Shirodhara. It’s a beautiful triad of therapies expertly and soulfully delivered by Shoshanna. As a bodywork practitioner myself, I have received many kinds of treatments around the world and this one stands alone. Through Shoshanna I could feel the lineage of Ayurveda, its art, science, heart, renewing my whole being. Bliss!
— Elizabeth

I am picky, and this was incredible! Okay, I may be beyond picky. I’ve been a massage and bodywork therapist for 18 years. I teach at one of the best massage schools in the country. I’ve received a ton of healing work. Shoshanna has that magical, hard to find, blend of grounded, soothing, authentic presence, years of experience, intuitive flow, skillful precision, and clear, responsive communication. Her space is gorgeous, and she has thought of every detail to make the experience one of seamless comfort.
— Julie

Restorative Bliss ~
Several times now, I have indulged in Shoshanna’s hot stone massage treatment and have now become a regular client. Shoshanna’s warmth, wisdom, and technique take me into another realm and give me the healing I need to live my life as productively and healthfully as possible. A true gift.
— Barbara

Wonderful Experience ~
I cannot say enough about my wonderful experience yesterday. Shoshanna is an intuitive and talented healer with an unusually refined ear and the ability to treat with compassion and nuance. I highly recommend seeing her for Ayurvedic treatments.
— R.S.

Healing Hands ~
As always, my session with Shoshanna was wonderful. Her caring attention, magic touch and beautiful room
create an atmosphere where healing can easily take place. I left feeling relaxed and renewed. I highly recommend her.
— Maryann

Simply the best!
I reviewed my experience the first time I had a massage with Shoshanna a couple of years ago. It was the best massage I had ever experienced. I don’t review after each visit but felt compelled to share after my experience yesterday. I arrived at the appointment exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally. We chatted for a bit and then she worked her massage magic. By the end of my session I felt soooo much better! I’m so grateful for her skill and caring. She is the best!
— Pat

Ayurvedic Consultation ~
I came to Shoshanna to educate myself further about Ayurveda and its many health benefits. She gave advice on practices I could do at home and places to buy herbs and supplements that are organic. She also gave me readings which would be helpful. She does Ayurvedic massage and Oil treatments which I would like to try in the future. I found my session very helpful and definitely recommend her.
— Bronwyn

True Health Care ~
Shoshanna cares. She is thorough and devoted to the art and science of Ayurveda. She has been so supportive. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to begin down the path of Ayurveda. The therapeutic full body massage was unlike any other massage I have ever had!
— Eric

A Special Treat ~
I can’t say enough about Shoshanna and her special spa. The kind care and deep knowledge she puts into the Ayurvedic wellness shows in all aspects as I walk into Stone & Spa. It is evident that Shoshanna loves what she does and approaches things from the space of love and giving. I feel so fortunate to have a place to go to for rejuvenation and to have a wellness practitioner with such a unique touch.
— Amal

Wonderful Ayurvedic Spa!
Many thanks to Shoshanna for being a great Ayurvedic therapist! She went the extra distance by really listening to me, tailoring treatments to my specific needs, and providing feedback for long term health strategies. And all this in a beautiful setting!
— Rene

Wonderful Shoshanna!
If you are looking for nutritional guidance, body healing, or a fantastic massage with natural oils & hot stones, this is the place to go! Shoshanna has amazing hands that will work all the tension out of your body, and you will leave a new person! I found her by chance and am one very, very happy client!
— L.Z

I have had the immense pleasure of receiving three sessions from Shoshanna, and I can’t express how wonderful she is! My ideal world would have a weekly visit with her! Her work is amazing in helping my body cope with the demands that I place on it. She has a warm and loving spirit, and her home sanctuary for massage is breathtaking! My greatest compliment to her is that
I buy sessions for my friends and family whatever the occasion. Thanks Shoshanna!
— Tammy

Best Massage I have ever had!
I have had a lot of massages over the years but the
Restorative Hot Stone Massage was AMAZING!
One of the best massages I have ever had! Shoshanna was wonderful - calming, wise, gentle and strong - she’s the perfect therapist. I would recommend this massage for anyone and everyone. I will definitely be back for more!
— Melissa

Panchakarma with Shoshanna and Dr. Dean ~
I have recently moved to NC and was looking for Panchakarma treatment and I was referred to Stone & Spa Ayurvedic Healing Arts. Both Shoshanna and Dr. Dean have gone above and beyond to be supportive and encouraging - providing all the information for a successful treatment. They have been educating me gently towards a healthier lifestyle. They are both very intuitive and incredibly caring. I feel the healing process started with the first consult with Dr. Dean!
— Neerja

Healing Hands!
I’ve been seeing Shoshanna for years, and she’s helped my body through the normal aches and pains of entering middle-age,
a motorcycle accident, a copperhead bite, and tumor removal/nerve damage. I’m always sad when she travels to teach and I have to see someone else in the area as no-one has ever measured up! Shoshanna has mastered the art and intuition of “reading” a body, and she truly has healing hands. She is the
best gift you can give yourself or a loved one!
— M.W.

Blissful Abhyanga with Shoshanna ~
It is always a treat to go to Stone and Spa. Shoshanna has an incredible peaceful presence and is so skilled at making you
feel like you went on a holiday for the time you are with her.
I love her quaint and cozy spa space.
Her love and knowledge of Ayurveda makes conversations with her deep and meaningful. She can easily constitute your needs and adjust treatments accordingly.
— Amal

Exquisité ~
This was my first experience at Stone and Spa. I was thoroughly impressed by the loving kindness with which I received, the care during our interview before my treatment, and the treatment itself was exquisite. My entire Being received a much needed infusion of nourishment. I will certainly return and look forward to being guided deeper into Ayurvedic practices.
— Jamie

Bliss Therapy Perfection ~
Shoshanna is a wonderful woman to work with.
Her warm spirit and lovely home creates a welcoming and calming space to relax. I splurged and signed up for the
Bliss Therapies and it was amazing. This was my first
Ayurvedic treatment and Shoshanna explained every step along the way. The hot stone massage was perfect and the copious amounts of oil felt so luxurious. The Shirodhara was especially peaceful and relaxing. Highly recommended.
— J.B.

Objectively The Best ~
I’ve had massages with many great massage therapists over the years, and I can honestly say that Shoshanna tops them all.
She is extraordinarily gifted- a true healer. The icing on the cake is that she also creates beautiful spaces.
Her massage room itself is healing!
— MJ

Shoshanna is a Master ~
Shoshanna’s massages are truly an amazing experience. I know she’s sought after around the world as a teacher of massage
and I can understand that. She’s the best massage therapist I’ve ever encountered - since my first massage 27 years ago.
Thank you Shoshanna!

I felt heard, supported, and now am empowered!
My Ayurvedic consultation with Shoshanna was exactly what I hoped and more than I dreamed possible. During the
course of the consultation, Shoshanna asked me specific questions and listened carefully as I explained what I wanted help with. I now feel 100% empowered to make the
changes necessary to transform my life for the better.
I can’t thank Shoshanna enough for sharing her wisdom.
— Sara

Exactly what my body needed!
We started off with a hot stone massage, with hot,
soothing stones placed in just the right places and every
single inch of my body receiving attention and feeling pampered. I loved the steam treatment and the warm oil
flowing over my head put the final seal on total relaxation
and bliss. Shoshanna just knew exactly what I needed
and her years of experience makes her a great therapist.
She also gave helpful tips and ideas for home treatments.
— Therisa

A wonderful experience form beginning to end!
The Ayurvedic warm oil massage and steam therapy treatment that I had was blissful. Not only was the stone
massage incredibly relaxing and nourishing, but the oil used was specifically used to balance my Dosha and to
detoxify and cleanse my body. Shoshanna is intuitive and skillful, she is strong and truly listens to your body
and what you tell her that you love and she makes that her focus.
— Jennifer

Bliss treatment!!!
The Bliss treatment I received through the hands and heart
of Shoshanna, was an entirely renewing experience for me after having received many forms of healing over the past 30 + years. Being in need of some deeper healing, this was a wise choice
for me. It was hydrating not only my skin, but also
for the deeper layers of my body/mind/heart. We are so fortunate to have these Ayurvedic treatments available here in the Triangle, and to have someone as skilled and caring as Shoshanna offering these.
— Lynne

Incredibly relaxing, professional, and caring –
Shoshanna is a true professional, an excellent listener, and was really concerned about my total well-being, not just the treatment at hand. The hot oil and steam treatment was exactly what I needed: I felt amazingly relaxed and renewed afterward. Strongly recommend.
— Sara

One of the best massages I’ve ever had!
I honestly can’t say enough about Shoshanna and the incredible massage she gave me. The use of the hot stones and the warm oil were incredibly relaxing, rejuvenating and pampering. Shoshanna is extremely talented at what she does.
— A.L.

Incredible Experience!
Shoshanna is amazing! I had my first ever hot stone massage
and it was absolutely wonderful. I’ve been getting massages for years and have never experienced relaxation like this.
It continued for days afterwards!
I’ve already recommended her to many of my clients
and can’t wait to go back for another session!
— Amanda

Incomparable ~
Shoshanna is the best. Really!
She is so careful, kind and attentive and she is ultra-skilled as well. Her work is not just a luxury treat [which it is also] but is deeply healing. She knows what she’s doing, for sure.
— Philip